To be a “Bee-type” Enterprise

Huafon believes that the social obligation is not the one that is imposed on the enterprise, nor is it merely a charitable deed. It is the intrinsic duty of the enterprise, an important component of brand value and competitive power. Adhering to the cultural core idea of “Common Initiatives, Common Business, Common Development & Common Benefit”, Huafon is striving to be a “bee-type” enterprise who shares coexistence and co-prosperity with customers, environment and other stakeholders and truly practices “Duty Care” concept and action plan. In every node and link of the enterprise’s production and management, concerns and cares are given to the staff, the customers, the stockholders, the communities and the environment so that a sustainable development of the enterprise can be realized.


“Bee-type” Enterprise is a Typical of Sustainable Development

Bees are one of the ancient species in the world, existing on this planet for more than 30 million years.Bees gather nectar and make honey and, at the same time, pollinate pollen to plants to promote their multiplication, which in turn brings more flower resources to bees themselves. The harmonious existence of the bees with the natural world is a responsible lifestyle, a typical model of sustainable development on the earth. Zhejiang Huafon Spandex Co., Ltd. has been all along devoting itself to being a “bee-type” enterprise and fulfilling positive social responsibilities.