Better use of “Qianxi” spandex can make your products more splendid.


Optimal Storage Conditions:

Environment temperature: 26.0±3.0 ℃, Environment humidity: 65.0%±10.0%。

Avoid direct sunlight and long storage under high temperature, and avoid storing with chemical products such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.

Product warranty : ≤180 days



Make sure the lot number and the batch number of the products should be the same. The products with production dates near to each other should be used together; otherwise, potential problems like crease and unevenness of the fabric will occur.

Do not mix-use the large spools with the small ones.

When taking the spools, avoid colliding or scratching which can bring about the problems of depression, edge collapsing or slipping so as to reduce man-made broken filaments.

Before using, open the package box at least 24 hours in advance and put it in the workshop for equilibrium so as to reduce the broken filament caused by the differences in environment temperature and humidity.


Precautions for Post-fabric finishing:

Conditions for Dyeing and Setting

Regular spandex: dyeing temperature ≤120℃, setting temperature ≤190℃;

High-temperature-resistant spandex: dyeing temperature ≤130℃, setting temperature ≤195℃.



When bleaching the fabrics containing regular spandex, do not use chloride and chloride reagent, because chloride can reduce its elasticity. In this case, reducing bleaching agent is recommended.

When bleaching cotton-spandex fabrics, use oxydol and perborax for bleaching under atmospheric pressure (bleaching time <45min with pH value 10.5-11.0); or use sodium hydrosulphite. To get better brightening effect, fluorescer can be used afterwards. When chloride bleaching is needed, chloride resistant spandex can be selected.

Attention: Before using any new lot number of spandex, tests should be done based on different usage and technology before the optimal parameters are decided.


Correct Handling:

When taking spandex, do not stain the flank layer of the spandex yarn with hands; when using spandex, strip the outer layer of the spandex filaments gently.